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tranScriptorium : computer aided, crowd sourced transcription of hand written text (for repositories?)

McNicholl, Rory and Miles-Board, Tim (2015-06-11) tranScriptorium : computer aided, crowd sourced transcription of hand written text (for repositories?). In: 10th International Conference on Open Repositories, June 8-11, Indianapolis, IN, USA.


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Over the past 10+ years significant investment has been made by various European cultural heritage organisations in digitising historical collections of handwritten documents. The output of these digitisation projects may end up in a repository improving access to document images. Can this access be further enhanced? The Transcriptorium project is a European Commission FP7 funded project (2013-2015) that brings together a suite of tools for the purpose of computer aided transcription and enhancement of digitized handwritten material. These software tools include those for document image analysis (DIA) developed by National Centre for Scientific Research (Greece), handwritten text recognition (HTR) developed by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) and natural language models (NLM) developed by Institute of Dutch Lexicology, Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands). As the project required that these tools be available to other systems they have been developed to operate as software services. The project included the development of a desktop application (University of Innsbruck, Austria) and a crowd-sourcing platform (University College London and University of London Computer Centre, UK) that use the DIA, HTR and NLM outputs to arrive at computer aided transcription solutions, designed with the aim of improving efficiency and reducing cost of the transcription of handwritten documents.

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McNicholl, Roryrory.mcnicholl@ulcc.ac.uk
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Date: 2015-06-11
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